You’re more than just a face…

As an actor, entertainer, or business professional, you'll know that your headshot is often the first point of contact for casting directors, employer's and associates. It is integral to ensure you make the right impression. You want an image that truly captures you, not just aesthetically but emotionally too. 


We will have a chat (maybe over a coffee or tea) and I can explain how I work. We can discuss outfit ideas and I can answer any questions that you might have. We can review your objectives for the images, to ensure you get what you want from the shoot. This will help you feel confident and more at ease with me and the process. If you have a favourite playlist or type of music, let me know, or bring it along and i'll connect it to the bluetooth. 'Your' music can sometimes help to get you in the right frame of mind.

The shoot…

Will be informal and relaxed. Sometimes, people try too hard or feel nervous, which is totally understandable, but can also be counter-productive. I'll talk you through it and together, we'll create the right environment to achieve the best shots possible.

A session typically lasts around 1.5/2 hours (depending on a student or full shoot) It can include as many dress changes and breaks as required. 4 changes of outfit is usually more than enough though.  

What should I wear?...

I recommend clothing/tops that are quite plain and don't distract the attention away from 'you'. Avoid 'loud' patterns and logo's. A grey coloured top, often seems to work well in images. Also, If you have something that is similar to your eye colour, bring it along. It will help to make your eyes 'pop' 

Simple layering can also work quite well too. Be wary (if you're wearing a top underneath a jacket of how low the top is. As it's only a head and shoulders image, it can sometimes look like you are wearing a jacket with nothing underneath if the neck line is very low.

It might also be worth considering what job/roles you'll be applying for, or how you want to be represented. Most of all, make sure you bring an item that is typically 'you' and is something that you feel good in. 

I know that clothes can get creased en-route, so I have a rail for you to hang all your clothing items and an iron is available, if neccesary.

Hair and make-up?...

Think of how much make-up you'd wear for an audition instead of a night-out? What they see on the images, is probably what they expect you to look like when you enter a casting room. I recommend to be minimalistic wherever possible, but again I understand that you must feel comfortable and at your best.  

I advise to go easy on the 'fake tan' as it can sometimes create uneven tones on the images. Don't worry about pimples/blemishes. I can easily sort that out in post-prouduction. Maybe bring face powder to combat any shine on the skin, if you know that you are prone to that?

You can alter hair and make-up to suit, during the shoot. It's a good idea to bring a hair brush, styling products, hair bobbles etc.

Regarding shaving...Totally up to you and the brief you've been given by your agent or employer. Some people always have stubble or a beard, others like the contrast, so will have a shave at some point during the shoot.


After the shoot…

I normally take around 200-300 images (depending on package) and I will send a dropbox file to you within 24 hours. You can then select the images you want to proceed with. These will be returned to you within 5 working days (more images can be edited at an additional cost). I do offer a 24 hour express service, if you need them urgently, which is £15 (based on 4 images)

When you've made your selection, the shots will undertake a slight edit and will be subtlety re-touched, to ensure all your best features shine through, giving you an image that makes the most of your unique look and personality. Then, if you want any further alterations, just let me know and we can discuss further.


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